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EduCares is the ultimate tool that helps your institution function remotely by taking it digital. It is a highly secure system that automates the operations, administration and academics end to end to give a complete 360 degree view at the touch of a button.

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Trust Us With All Your Edu Cares!

Streamline burdensome processes like preparation of Transfer Certificates, Admission Register, Student Reports, Scholarships, Syllabus, Examinations, Promotion Lists and even entry forms for sporting and cultural events.

Automate day to day academic and administration operations from a single platform. EduCares has a very broad scope to take care of advanced features such as human resource management, library management, payroll and budgeting, bulk data security, and many more.

Seamless communication makes it easier for parents, students, teachers and other admin staff to maintain contact with each other at all times. They can also use this platform for querying, problem resolutions and feedback.

Manage efficiency gains in terms of time and costs, better workforce engagement, performance monitoring, goal setting and tracking.


How Can We Help You

Manage your educational institution like a pro!

With close to Zero Investment you could  transform into a digital institution today. Stay on top of everything as your institution is now accessible from anywhere and anytime! Data security and maintenance is no more a problem.

It is time now to get future ready and to stay ahead of times!



We will EQUIP you with the technology of present day that helps bridge the digital gap and lets you stay ahead of times in this increasingly connected world of tomorrow.



We will TRANSFORM the way you operate with our completely customizable software that will carry your institutes  branding, interfacing and your own logo.



Stay EMPOWERED with our excellent after sales & support services. You are in safe hands as we promptly handhold you through out your digital journey with us!


Why EduCares?

Software solutions already available in the market are not comprehensive enough to handle the processes end to end, i.e. Admission till Graduation. They are not scalable enough to handle high volumes, and does not provide a centralized view across different branches of large institutions.

EduCares ticks all these boxes and more!

It is evolved, extremely secure and highly advanced solution built to efficiently handle all the Cares of the present day Educational Institutions!


Integration Options

EduCares has every feature your institute will ever need, and also has various  integration capabilities readily built into the system


Bio-metric Attendance

Location Tracking

Bus & Route GPS Tracking

Payment Gateway

Online Payments

Online Classes

Zoom, Google Meet, Big Blue Button

Email & Messaging

Email and SMS

There are over 50 awesome modules available in EduCares!


Add-On Applications

Mobile App

The most frequently used features have been carefully handpicked and packaged into a swanky, robust mobile application.

This mobile app will carry your logo, institution name and will be available for download from Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Multi Group

Multi Group is a customized enterprise set up for organizations with more than one branch, or an organization that has multiple groups.

This will enable the key leadership to have a centralized 360 degrees view of their operations across the groups or branches.

Online Classes

By integrating the video conferencing tools, the educational institutes can now conduct Online Classes, Web Meetings and many other online events in realtime.

EduCares currently supports the integration of Zoom, Google Meet and Big Blue Button


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EduCares is available as a Service and there are 3 exciting subscription plans to choose from. All our plans are affordable and are packaged best to suit the needs of your organization!


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