23 Core Modules

Available in all the plans

Courses & Batches

Configure and manage multiple courses and batches according to your institution’s systems and process.

Human Resources

Record and organize all employee details enabling quick access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leave.

Student Information

A quick and easy way to search and access all your student records, both current and archived using various filters.

Employee Teacher Login

Secure personalized login credentials for every employee, allowing them to perform their tasks efficiently depending on the privileges assigned by their roles.

Student Parent Login

Secure personalized login credentials for every student and parent; to empower all students to make the most of EduCares and achieve their educational goals, while facilitating parents to monitor and track their ward’s progress reports, results, attendance, and many more

Student Attendance

Mark and track student attendance quickly to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand.


Create clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.


From supporting grading systems such as ICSE, CCE, CWA, and GPA to generating various student examinations reports, schedule and manage examinations effortlessly to fit the needs of your institution.

Messaging System

An inbuilt messaging system for quick and easy communication between employees, students, and parents that also acts as a reminder system by sending the user prompt reminders.

Multiple Dashboards

Simple, yet beautifully designed live dashboards for each user role featuring customizable ‘dashlets’ that allows quick access to your favorite and most important information, and an innovative search bar with 'Action Search' functionality.

SMS Alerts

Communicate with students, parents, and employees on a more personal level by sending SMS text messages right to their mobile phones from EduCares. Customize the SMS settings to deliver alerts when specific events occur in EduCares.

Student Admission

Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms and help welcome applicants that are the best fit for your institution.

Data Pallets

Customize the user dashboards as per the user specific preferences.

Quick Links

Create quick links for easy reference for all the frequently used functions.

App Frame

Run and access any third party application within EduCares without opening the application in a separate tab.

News Management

Spread the news and keep all your employees and students engaged by bringing the latest happenings on campus right to their dashboards and mobile phones.

User Management

Four user roles—Administrator, Employee, Student, and Parent—that determine what the user can and cannot do within EduCares. Administrators can assign and manage employee privileges based on the role played in the institution.


Integrate with third-party applications and extend the functionality of EduCares, and also efficiently manage your EduCares data.

Grade Book

Educares allows all type of institutions to set up and manage various kind of grading systems for the courses they run, be it general,CCE, ICSE, CWA, GPA or CBSE pattern

Event Calendar

Inform, and be informed of events happening on and off campus by glancing at your color coded EduCares calendar.

ID Card Generator

Create an ID card template or customize the existing template according to your institute requirements. Easily add the user photos, barcodes, and other custom content to design ID cards that reflect the identity of your institution.


Secure, comprehensive, and robust—the Finance module provides a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports that will help you gain financial insight on managing costs and expenditures.

Certificate Generator

Create certificate templates for students or employees with the Rich Text Editor. Use field codes to add the system data as well as custom data in the certificate. Upload backgrounds, add user photos and barcodes to customize the certificate as per requirement.


26 Premium Modules

Available in Professional and Enterprise plans only

Hostel - Dormitory

Efficiently manage all your hostels and residential facilities in the institution. Allocate rooms to students, collect and track hostel fees, and generate comprehensive reports that will help keep you on top of all important hostel administrative activities.

Custom Reports

In addition to generating specific student and employee reports, you can create custom reports using a wide range of filters.


Upload, organize, and share photos with other students and employees on various events happening in your institution.

Online Examination

Replace the traditional paper assessment by creating customized computer-based testing from anywhere. With a rich set of question types, you can create standardized tests that allow students to see test results right away.


Manage your institution’s inventory more efficiently and make sure the items are properly utilized. You can record and maintain item and supplier details, raise indents and purchase orders, as well as create invoices and goods received notes.


Integrated with barcode scanning functionality, you can now efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloguing of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue, and a lot more.


Record and track disciplinary incidents to ensure that students are held accountable for their actions.


Manage and optimize your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. You can maintain vehicle and routing details, collect transportation fees, and track the number of students using school transport.


A quick and easy way to allow applicants register for a course online using customized admission forms. Enabling online course registration saves hundreds of hours of data entry, improves employee efficiency, and helps tracking applicants.


Whether it’s deciding the place for an educational tour or trying to keep a class’ attention, take a poll to engage your students and employees or to make an informed decision.

Email Integration

Customize your email settings to communicate more efficiently with employees, students, and parents. Set automatic email alerts to be sent when admitting students and employees, publishing exam schedules and exam results, nearing fees due dates, and many more.


The Assignment plugin is designed to help teachers distribute homework and assignments to students, collect completed work, review it and provide feedback to students.

Document Manager

A safe location for all your files that is to be shared with other EduCare users.


Organize and streamline your campus recruitment process to successfully convert your aspiring students into successful employees.

Color Theme

Add some color to your EduCares institution by choosing a background color from the color palette that best represents your institution.


Assign and track tasks assigned to an individual student or employee, or to a group. The Task module helps promote collaboration and enables commenting and comment moderation.


Empower students, teachers, and other employees to create and publish blog posts on any topic and help share their story with everyone. It includes features typically found in blogs such as searching for old entries, commenting, comment moderation, and many more.


Enable students, teachers, and other employees to collaborate, interact, and exchange information and ideas. Encourage thoughtful dialogue by allowing members to post messages and reply to other messages.

Tally Integration

Easily transfer all the finance transactions from EduCares to Tally, and continue using Tally to manage your financial transactions.

Moodle Integration

Integrate the online learning environment of Moodle

Instant Fee

Collect and manage instant fee payments in a few simple steps without having to schedule fee collection dates.

Fee Import

Assign and manage student fee collections with just a few clicks.

Data Management

Manage any kind of data in your institution effectively by creating customized forms to store information.


Users can receive reminders of various events on their mobile numbers and email ids.

Custom Import

Make it quick and save yourself much time and effort performing common data entry tasks. Upload data in to EduCares in bulk using predefined CSV files.

Data Export

Conveniently backup your EduCares data for data security.


3 Enterprise Modules

Available in Enterprise plan only

Form Builder

Build custom forms within minutes. It is as simple as dragging and dropping your fields, configuring your options, and publishing. You can create various types of forms such as, contact forms, feedback forms, and many more

RFID / Biometric Integration

With Biometric integration staff and students attendance will be automatically marked, and can be monitored effortlessly.

Payment Gateway Integration

Enable payments from anywhere and anytime by integrating payment gateways into Educares for Online Fee Payments


Add-On Applications

Pay and use across any plan

Mobile App

The most frequently used features have been carefully handpicked and packaged into a swanky, robust mobile application.

This mobile app will carry your logo, institution name and will be available for download from Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

RFID / Biometric Integration

Multi Group is a customized enterprise set up for organizations with more than one branch, or an organization that has multiple groups.

This will enable the key leadership to have a centralized 360 degrees view of their operations across the groups or branches.

Online Classes

By integrating the video conferencing tools, the educational institutes can now conduct Online Classes, Web Meetings and many other online events in real-time.

EduCares currently supports the integration of Zoom, Google Meet and Big Blue Button